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NYC Family Policy Project (FPP)

We are a research and policy analysis organization that works from the perspective that child welfare involvement emerges as a symptom when communities are under stress and duress.

While child welfare frameworks treat individual parents as the problem targeted for improvement, FPP recognizes that targeting community conditions and investing in community health can better serve the majority of families as well as improve the overall health of our city. FPP works from the policy visions of parents and youth impacted by the NYC child welfare system and collaborates with researchers, impacted parents and youth, advocates, allies and disruptors working on the ground in impacted communities to develop research-driven transformative policy solutions for NYC families.

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Neighborhood window illustration

Recent Work

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Data on NYC Child Welfare Impacts

We are sharing new data from the city’s child welfare agency, ACS, to help neighborhood leaders, community groups, families and elected officials address conditions that stress families and build community networks, resources and infrastructure to support families.
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We acknowledge that before we look ahead to what comes next for New York City’s families who have experienced extensive disinvestment, we must take an accounting of the harm done to families and communities and will seek to understand how families believe the systems responsible for that harm should be held to account.

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