• Newborns and Infants

    In New York City and nationally, newborns and infants who come to the attention of the child welfare system follow a different trajectory than other... Read More

  • Racial Disparities

    Racial disparities in New York City’s child welfare system have been well-documented. Citywide, almost 45% of Black and Latino children experience an investigation of their... Read More

  • Hotline Calls

    In 2021, a new study showed that Black and Latino families in NYC experience astoundingly high rates of child welfare investigations – 44% of Black... Read More

  • Court-Ordered Supervision

    From 2016-19, court-ordered supervision cases surged in New York City, spiking by 50% in 2017 after the high-profile death of Zymere Perkins in September 2016.... Read More

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